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To provide a child-focused environment with loving, patient, nurturing, and qualified caregivers where education is fun and stimulating, ensuring character is built and a balanced EQ and IQ is achieved.

Our Learning Levels

Toddler Playgroup

for children below 2


for children 2 to 4


for children 5 to 6

Toddler Playgroup

2 months to 24 months We provide tender loving care for your precious ones as they take the next step in their journey. We will look after their feeding and personal needs and mind them like our own.


2 years to 4 years

This is the most crucial part of a child’s development as this is where motor skills, cognitive thinking, and language skills are developed. This is also the time their CHARACTER is slowly building forming the foundation of their future self.

We start by teaching them to be independent and to socialize with others. Once they have got that down pat, we move on to formal learning, where alphabets, numbers, different languages, and writing are introduced.

But the chief focus here is in building up positive and sustaining character traits in them.


5 to 6 years

In this next stage, they will be preparing for primary school and formal learning will be brought to a new level with individual science kits and quizzes to stimulate their inquisitive minds.

The essential part of this stage is guiding them, intellectually and emotionally in preparation for the next phase of their journey.

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Iris Heng
Good & Nice School...
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短期での利用が可能です。 保育員が全員、保育士の免許を取得しているらしく、マレー語・英語・中国語を学べます。 丘の上にあり、静かで立地条件はとても良かったです。
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Strong and committed team members with respective qualifications to deliver high quality of care and love to our kids.

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